[decryptoperator@qq.com] scammer

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Monday, December 02 2019, 01:19 PM
Who can help me?

My company’s server was encrypted with this ransomware [decryptoperator@qq.com].

I wrote him the mail decryptoperator@qq.com that was listed on my server.

He demanded $ 6,000 from me. I have a small company and this amount is very large for me. When I collected the full amount and paid him $ 6,000, he replied that the amount increased because a lot of time has passed. He did not unlock my server and now requires me another $ 3000.

Tell me who knows how to return my files that were on the server? I really need them. I do not believe this ransomware. I think that if I pay him another $ 3000 he will not return the files to me and will require even more money
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