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Wednesday, August 26 2015, 07:53 AM

I tried to get rid off the ''Related Search by Sale Clipper' advertisements.
Unfortunatly it won't go away.
I use Mozilla Firefox and have removed Sale Clipper in Add-ons.
I have refreshed Firefox through Troubleshooting > Refresh but it keeps coming back.
Help :(
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    Wednesday, August 26 2015, 02:16 PM - #permalink
    Hi Daph, you should double check (and uninstall all recently installed suspicious applications) all of your installed programs in Control Panel - I have seen cases when Sale Clipper (and other adware from SuperWeb family) installs together with some additional potentially unwanted applications (for example could be named "LiveUpdateWPP", etc.) that reinstall this adware if removed. After double checking the installed programs scan your computer with AdwCleaner ( and SpyHunter (
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