In order to try to repair some issues I was having with Google Chrome, I downloaded a new copy directly from their site and reinstalled it over my existing Chrome application. When I opened the browser, I was redirected by Yamdex.net. Instead of using Chrome, ny browser search engine is set to: http://yamdez.net/?searchid=1&|10n=ru&fromse... (nothing else can be seen under Chrome Default search settings. When I click on the item, a popup comes up which reads: This setting is enforced by your administrator.

I have run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware; Glary Utilities; CCleaner; Advanced System Care 8; IObit Malware; and Avast Internet Security. Apparently none have found the location of this malware/virus.

Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated. My only other resourse at this time is to remove Chrome from my PC and use another browser. However, the code would still be on my PC and I don't know if it would affect anything else. Hence, I'd like to get it off my machine.
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