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Friday, July 03 2015, 05:54 PM

I got a huge problem with desktop search ads. I tried everything to remove it from my computer, but nothing to do. I did everything the internet could offer me, but nothing to do. I'm not able to uninstall it from revo uninstaller or the control pannel. I installend number of anti-virus, scanner, malware removers, adwcleaner ( that help, but not for this problem ). I got many ads in my browser ( google chrome ) and page redirects. I removed all extension, reset my browser setting, but still! I tried everything and i'm very tired of this, it harass me!

Please help!!

P.S.: Since about the same time that i got desktop search, i got many transparent files everywhere in my computer, is there a link?
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    Friday, July 03 2015, 06:59 PM - #permalink
    Hi Simno, when testing "desktop search" adware I didn't notice any hidden files being created (transparent files you refer to), however usually this adware comes bundled with other potentially unwanted programs which could trigger such strange behavior. If you have already tried Spyhunter and AdwCleaner I would also recommend scanning your computer with ZHPCleaner - last time I checked it was able to get rid of desktop search. Download link - Let me know if this helped.
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