Virus doesn´t alllow antivirus connect to internet

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Friday, November 27 2015, 04:16 AM
Hi, my pc is infected with a virus, i think it came from a usb flash memory that i connected two weeks ago, but anyway, the problem is that this virus disabled my antivirus protection (i was using avast free edition), and now when I use google chrome suddenly it redirects me to another web pages; i have tried installing different antivirus (avg, avast, avira, malwarebytes...) ; after installation, when I start them, like all the antivirus, they always try to connect to internet to update itself or download complementary stuff and here is where the problem starts because they fail to connect. Can someone help me please?

I´m using Windows 10 x64

  • CarolChristine Adams
    more than a month ago
    A few months ago I "accidentally" clicked on to a site I shouldn't have & Voila! I got a malware (could become a virus). I searched, searched & searched to remove the problem (got to watch those emails!) & the only site, finally, that solved my issue (easily) was see" How to reset Internet Browsers". I have a Mac, so, obviously, the steps differ from Microsoft, etc. I'm sorry but I can't remember the guy who, on PCrisk site helped me, but his method was so easy, quick & solved my issue. Before I could not get anywhere w/Safari Browser, except for a weird site & I was stuck. Keep scrolling thru the site & I hope you find him. Remember to go to How to Reset Browsers. I hope this helps! It looks like you've been on - keep looking - it's worth it!
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