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Thursday, March 19 2015, 09:43 PM
Speeditapp found it's way onto my new laptop. I have deleted it and removed it several times but it doesn't go away. I've removed the program files, wiped internet explorer add ons and Firefox add ons but it still is there. Where else could it be hiding and how do I get rid of it? Please help. Thank you.

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Friday, March 20 2015, 08:18 AM - #permalink
Hi Erica, Speeditapp adware is known to hide it's files and reinstall itself if not removed properly. To eliminate this potentially unwanted program scan your computer with AdwCleaner (https://toolslib.net/downloads/viewdownload/1-adwcleaner/) and SpyHunter (https://www.pcrisk.com/top-spyware-removers). Both of these programs are capable of detecting and removing Speeditapp adware.
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