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Tuesday, June 10 2014, 02:41 PM
hi! I'm tony.. I sent u a logfile of hijak this and u said it was ok.. u recomended deactivatin 2 of the antiviruses that i run which doesnt seem to have any efect.. I forgot to tell u I tried defragmentation too and I reinstalled windows and its still very slow.. do u have any other recomendations? can i make it run like new?
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    Wednesday, June 11 2014, 06:11 AM - #permalink
    Hi Tony, if you have reinstalled Windows and your computer is still slow. You must be dealing with some hardware issues (that's having in mind that you reinstalled Windows properly with all drivers, etc.). If your computer is new you should take it to the place you bought it for a check up. You could also follow this procedure to check if your HDD has any bad sectors - this is most commonly the cause for slow computer,
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