SalePlus 1.2

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Monday, April 06 2015, 12:15 AM
Desistale el programa desde eliminar programas, luego lo hice desde las extensiones de chrome, inhabilite, y elimine la extension, tambien reestableci a valores originales el navegador, y al cerrarlo y volverlo a abrir, vuelvo a la configuracion, extensiones, y sigue estando alli! Como lo elimino definitivamente?????? Por favor...ya desisale el chrome y lo volví a instalar nuevamente...Gracias!
Saludos, Viviana desde Argentina

Accepted Answer

Tuesday, April 07 2015, 05:46 AM - #permalink
Hi Viviana, when dealing with adware from SalePlus family it's important to inspect and uninstall all suspicious applications using Control Panel. SalePlus is known to install several applications which reinstall this adware if not uninstalled using Control Panel. At time of testing the applications that were "protecting" SalePlus adware were named: "Wheretoget", "youtubeadblocker", and "FlintPointman" however they commonly change names and each case can be different. To be sure that you computer is clean I would suggest scanning it with SpyHunter and AdwCleaner (
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