I recently used Evans cycles website (I think they have problems with malware, looking at their f/b page) and that was the first time I noticed 'Pricefinder/coupons' pop ups dropping onto the screen. I've searched t'interweb and found guides on removing it, but when I go into add-ons manager in extensions, all I can see is an Avast update; no new add-ons or programs installed other than that. Can anyone suggest where it may be hiding, or is it something which has come as part of the latest Avast update, please?

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Monday, July 14 2014, 06:24 AM - #permalink
Hi Mandie, previously I have seen SafeFinder ads which were associated with Avast browser plugins... Try disabling the Avast plugin from your Internet browsers and check if your still see the 'PriceFinder' ads. Previously AVG started bundling their free antivirus with potentially unwanted programs which cause browser redirects to mysearch.avg.com so maybe this time Avast bundled their free software with "PriceFinder" adware. Let me know if you still see the unwanted ads after disabling Avast browser plugins.
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