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Saturday, February 14 2015, 08:40 PM
A couple days ago, I ended up with the Positive Finds Ads on chrome.. I've tried everything from manually going through files and looking for suspicious files and deleting them within chrome, resetting chrome, using Avast, Malwarebytes, Zoek, JRT and a couple other methods, but after all that, I still see the Positive Finds Ads.

I've also tried uninstalling any recent programs to see if that would have any sort of effect, but no luck.

Is there anyways I can get rid of this? I'm right on the edge of just wiping my pc clean and restarting it, but I obviously don't want to do that.


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Sunday, February 15 2015, 09:23 AM - #permalink
Hi Matt, Positive Finds adware was recently updated and this could explain the poor detections by popular anti-malware products. You could try scanning your computer with AdwCleaner ( As for Malwarebytes Antimalware I think they will start detecting this adware with their next threat database update (should be in a couple of days).
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    Sunday, February 15 2015, 06:45 PM - #permalink
    Tomas, I recently updated a program and became infected with Positive Finds. I have tried everything to remove it from this computer. I run Windows 7 Professional 64bit. I have uninstalled the program, no success. I have run I have run AdwCleaner a few minutes ago and it is still with me. My main browser is Chrome, but Firefox is also infected. I have searched my main hard drive for files with no luck. What else can I do?
    • Tomas Meskauskas
      more than a month ago
      Hi Lewis, as I have mentioned to Matt, Positive Finds originates from a well known adware family called SuperWeb. This infection was recently updated so this explains the lack of detection by popular anti-malware/adware programs (including AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes). I would guess that the detections of this adware will be added in a couple of days and you will be able to remove this potentially unwanted program after updating either AdwCleaner or Malwarebytes. You can also scan your computer with Spyhunter (it's a payed anti-malware, be sure to check if it detects the latest variant of Positive Finds adware before purchasing it's full version to remove this threat).
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