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Thursday, April 27 2017, 12:29 AM
I seemed to have downloaded the Flash Player Update Malware with an extension for chrome browser on my Mac OSX, when i go into the extensions list. I am unable to find that extension that I had downloaded in the list, like it should be. So ultimately I am unable to remove that extension which means I am virtually unable to remove that malware from my browser. So now I do not know what to do and/or how to remove it.. Do happen to know what I can do? Where i could possibly find this on my computer files manually? or...?
Any help or suggestions of what I can/should do, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Thursday, April 27 2017, 06:48 AM - #permalink
Hi Jaulyn, if the adware installed a browser extension on your Chrome it should be visible in the extensions list. To find out if your computer is infected I would suggest scanning it with Combo Cleaner - Alternatively you can use Malwarebytes for Mac - it's not an antivirus program so it can miss some infections, on the other hand it performs great when it comes to adware infections. PS. If you see some specific ads or your browsers redirect you to some specific websites you could reply me and I could direct you to manual removal instructions for any specific threat.
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    Thursday, April 27 2017, 07:42 AM - #permalink
    Note that Combo Cleaner antivirus is a paid feature - you can scan your computer and check if it's infected for free however if infections are present and you want to eliminate then, you will have to subscribe for the premium version. Keep in mind that fake flash player installers choose to install or not to install adware on user's computers based on their geo location - so your computer might not be infected after all.
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