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Sunday, January 05 2014, 12:09 AM
My intent was to download FocusWriter, but instead "Linkey" by Aztec Inc. was installed. I saw the article on this website, uninstalled Linkey, and restored my internet defaults. However, "FocusWriter" is not on my "uninstall" list. Could it possible that it was never installed, or could it be hiding from that list?

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Sunday, January 05 2014, 01:08 PM - #permalink
Hi Megan, there is a high possibility that "FocusWriter" was never installed. We have seen some deceptive free software download clients which installed adware and didn't even bother to download or install the chosen free program. Some of the shady download clients (for example "Soft196") "offers" to install the chosen program in the last step of it's "offers". Not paying close attention to the downloading steps could easily end up in installation of various adware (LemurLeap, Delta toolbar, etc.) and users wouldn't even get the free program which they were interested in.

Screenshot of "Soft196 download client":
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