Two days ago I noticed launchpage was set as my default page. I have tried everything I could find on the internet to remove the malware, but with no succes. I have Antimalware bytes and still got the malware... Since Antimalware bytes doesn't detect anything, I looked in "my programs" to see if anything unusual is installed, but nothing's there. Also task manager doesn't show anything suspicious, nor do I have any unknown and new add-ons in Firefox or Chrome. So I tried installing Hitmanpro, but this also doesn't detect Launchpage. So, I have no idea what to do now to get rid of it! All websites on the internet tell me that those are the ways to get it removed but I cannot find anything on my specific situatien: when this all doesn't work. Can anyone help me?
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    Monday, June 19 2017, 07:17 AM - #permalink
    Hi Sharon, did you try following the removal guide of launchpage.org that is present on our website? The main take away when dealing with this browser hijacker is that it modifies browser shortcut targets. Try doing the following: This browser hijacker modifies the "Target" field of the Google Chrome shortcut. To fix this, locate the shortcut on your Desktop and click the right mouse button over it. In the opened menu, choose "Properties". In the opened window, locate the Target field and eliminate all text (hxxp://www.launchpage.org/...), which is entered after "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"

    Let me know if this helped.
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