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Sunday, September 20 2015, 12:35 PM
i've got a problem with unwanted Jungle Net that i downloaded accidentially a couple of days ago. I followed the steps that i found on the internet:
1. uninstall it using control panel on my
2. use Adw Cleaner
3. use Malwarebytes
4. use Hitman Pro
5. reset Chrome and internet Explorer settings
and... nothing, it's still annoying me with adverts

can anyone help? do you know how to get rid of it?
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    Monday, September 21 2015, 06:12 AM - #permalink
    Hi Ola, try scanning your computer with SpyHunter and ZHPCleaner (http://www.nicolascoolman.fr/download/zhpcleaner-2/) - both of these programs do a great job at detecting and removing Jungle Net and other adware from SuperWeb adware family.
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