Is My Safe PC 2014 legitimate?

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Thursday, August 22 2013, 07:02 AM
This program appeared on my desktop and it states that my computer in infected with viruses - should I buy this program to remove the viruses. I am running Windows 7. PS. I have never installed this program, does it come with Windows?

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Thursday, August 22 2013, 07:13 AM - #permalink
Hi rameez2, My Safe PC 2014 is a rogue antivirus program which infiltrates one's computer through malicious websites, infected email message attachments, etc. Don't trust this program and don't buy it's full version - it's a scam. Paying for the license key of this program would equal to sending your money to Cyber criminals, moreover you would give away your banking information and this could lead to further money thefts from your banking account. This bogus software blocks execution of installed programs (including antivirus and anti-spyware), to make the removal process less complicated you can use this retrieved registration code: 1O2Z3L4W5I6T7F8Q9C1N2Y3K4V5H6S7E More information on how to remove this fake antivirus - here.
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