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Monday, June 12 2017, 12:18 AM
Logan Fox
Logan Fox
I have been trying to rid my computer of dealster, the adware, for around 2 months now and it is frustrating me so I hope someone here can help. I first got dealster on my computer about 2-3 years ago and once I realized I had it, I uninstalled the dealster program, removed the dealster extension on my browsers, and reset my browsers. I did not, however, search for dealster files on my computer but because the extra ads went away and my browsers were working good, I thought dealster was gone. About 2-3 months ago I searched for dealster files, just because I remembered it and wanted to see if it was still there, and about 200 files were dealster files. I removed these files and dealster did not affect any other files until about 2 weeks later when I updated Steam. I got rid of the dealster files and they did not show up until I downloaded BOINC and a download data status meter update from my ISP. Dealster has not affected any further files, however it seems to be affecting every program I download and even existing programs that access the internet. I did reset and reinstall my browsers but this has not done anything. I ran Windows MSRT, Norton, HitmanPro, Adware Cleaner, JRT, and Malwarebytes all to no avail. I had ran these programs before and after the Steam and BOINC incident. Also, dealster is not causing any ads on my browser and is not disrupting them in any obvious way. This makes me think dealster is not in my browsers but on my pc. Regardless, I cannot find it anywhere on my pc or browsers and do not what steps I need to take now that I have done all this. I would appreciate any help and information.

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Monday, June 12 2017, 06:56 AM - #permalink
Hi Logan, the fact that dealster adware is not visible as a separate program in your program files window might indicate that it is bundled to another program that is installed on your computer. You have tried quite a few program when trying to detect this adware, I would suggest you also scan your computer with Plumbytes (, Zemana ( and BitDefender Adware Removal Tool ( Let me know if these programs are capable of detecting dealster on your computer.
  • Logan Fox
    more than a month ago
    Thanks for the response Tomas. I ran all three of the programs and they did not find anything. I did some research on finding files and discovered you could access the registry; I did not know this existed/ was accessible. I found and deleted 2 classes that had dealster data type keys in them and I found/deleted the deal4real.deal4real program which could be an alternate name for dealster given it is also adware and has a very close name. I also found two dealster extensions in the registry and deleted them. I have connected to Steam and other programs multiple times and dealster has not infected any files, so it seems it is gone. Thank you for the information and help.
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