Can't get rid of LyricsViewer ads in Firefox.

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Thursday, October 24 2013, 08:32 AM
My browser in infected with some virus called Lyricsviewer, i have tried scanning my computer with various antivirus programs but these ads keeps appearing. How to get rid of them?

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Thursday, October 24 2013, 08:39 AM - #permalink
Hi rexrzer, Lyricsviewer ads which appear while browsing the Internet are related to adware infections. Most commonly they infiltrate user's computers through free software downloads. When downloading free software you should be very attentive and check every download step, to out-out bundled free browser add-ons click on decline button. Notice that nowadays the majority of freeware download websites are using download clients and they frequently cause installation on potentially unwanted applications. To eliminate LyricsView ads follow this removal guide.

You can also watch this video which explains how to remove potentially unwanted browser extensions:
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