Can not get rid of GioSave

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Saturday, September 13 2014, 04:24 AM
GioSave (likely the GoSave Adware) has been annoying the hell out of me and after several anti-malware scans it still reeks havoc on my laptop. I've tried several anti-malware programs and have tried Chrome's "Remove this extension" Every time I open Chrome. It returns every single time. It's listed as GioSave in Chrome's extensions.
Any help please?
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    Saturday, September 13 2014, 10:05 AM - #permalink
    Hi Azenel, you must be dealing with a GoSav adware, to eliminate it you must first uninstall several programs which re-installs this adware to one's Internet browsers. At time of testing it installed several programs to Control Panel - "Gosavven (or something similar)", "YoutubEAdBloCke", "GS_Booster" and "GS_Sustainer". In your case the names of programs in Control Panel could be a bit different - nevertheless you should uninstall all recently installed suspicious applications. Then I would recommend restarting your computer and removing unwanted plugins from your Internet browsers. After this procedure you should also scan your computer with Malwarebytes Antimalware and Spyhunter - both are capable of detecting and removing this adware.

    You can also try using AdwCleaner

    Let me know if you still encounter GoSave ads after following these recommendations.
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