Ads by Counterflix removal

Sunday, April 16 2017, 02:12 PM
Can anyone help me with removing the Ads by Counterflix? At every Google search I have a block of about 5 ad links appear as the top results, in a little box with "Ads by Counterflix" written at the top. Every other click I get strange links popping up in New Tabs, and things like "PC Repair" and "System Repair" pages that I did not click a link to keep opening by themselves in new tabs. It's getting too much. This problem also occurs in Internet Explorer. It makes browsing nearly impossible.
I have tried:
Going to Control Panel and Uninstalling all unknown programs.
Going to my C: drive and deleting all folders containing programs I do not recognise, then deleting them from the recycle bin.
Uninstalling and re-installing Chrome three times, including one with a new download of the Chrome installer.
Resetting my Chrome settings
Running my antivirus (McAfee) on a full, thorough scan, which said it removed 8 viruses, and quarantined 1 potentially unwanted program, but this did not fix the problem.

I am working with Windows 10, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and have Microsoft Edge (which I am not resorting to using as a browser until there is literally nothing else to use because I don't like it)
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